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Ellen's Tarot Readings
Please CONTACT me if you wish to make an appointment or require further information.

There are two basic types of readings you can ask for:

1.    Question Readings
Question readings will address a specific question. Tarot is not intended to answer a specific ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but it can be used as a guide to help you make the decision for yourself.  
2.    Open Readings
Open readings address the larger aspects of your life rather than a specific problem area or question.  They're usually done when you're entering a new phase of life, such as getting married, graduating from college or starting a family.  You might be contemplating changing your job or career path, thinking of retirement or making a physical move from one place to another.  It is possible to direct an open reading to a general area you want to cover.

Length of Reading: Up to 1 (one) Hour
Tarot is a wonderful tool for self-development, clarity and insight, Tarot is YOU. It is a powerful symbolic system of personality patterns (archetypes) that allows you to gain more clarity and personal power in your life. When using Tarot, this is when I feel I am really communing with Universal Wisdom and connecting with a much wiser counsel than my own. Tarot is wonderful for accessing inner wisdom, creating personal transformation, and is a bridge to the subconscious mind. It is, in essence, "a mirror of the soul." It is an amazing, wise source for which I've developed deep respect.

As a deck of 78 cards that express the inner and outer energies of every human experience, Tarot connects with your life experience. For centuries, people from all walks of life have learned to harness the ability to analyze themselves and others with the help of Tarot. It is a mystical method of inquiry and exploration, and is curiously accurate when describing your life happenings. It pinpoints patterns, points to areas where change would manifest a better direction, and steers you toward success.
There are many ways to use Tarot. It truly allows us a clear look at ourselves in a very powerful way that parallels a psychology session.  Wise to the point of surprising us, it opens up information about things you may know are happening but may not realize your own influence on the outcome. Tarot empowers you to understand yourself better, and offers wise suggestions on improving your outcome.
Tarot is not a god, though I believe it somehow connects us to the wisdom of Spirit and the Divine through our subconscious and our Higher Self. It bridges you to the power within yourself, to help understand a situation and make life-changing adjustments for the better.

Can Tarot tell the future?
If  you don't change the pattern in which you do things, possibly. Tarot captures a snapshot of the energy in your situation and will allow you to explore what will likely happen if you continue to do things in the same pattern as you have been doing. It shows you where you are headed. Tarot provides a glimpse into the future, which is never set in stone, so one can either choose to remain on the path they are already on, or to change directions to create their desired outcome. The true benefit of Tarot lies in its ability to counsel you regarding change if you don't like the outcome. Suggestions can be given regarding how to alter the way you approach a situation so that a better outcome can be reached.
Tarot doesn't tell you about an unchangeable future written in stone; rather it tells you what will likely happen if you don't make life changes and from there allows you the opportunity to personally transform your life's outcome through knowledge and the shifting of patterns. Whether you choose to follow Tarot's advice is completely up to you. We don't have one future that is written in stone. Rather, we each have multiple futures, and the choices we make determine which future we head toward. What is interesting, though, is that when a client does not follow Tarot's advice for changes, almost inevitably the description of events to follow will happen.

How does Tarot work?
This is a fascinating question.  Studies have shows that the cards statistically do not land in a random fashion. Why is it so accurate? There are a variety of beliefs as to what makes the perfect card come up in the perfect position. Guidance by a Higher Power is probably the most common belief, whether that Higher Power takes on the name of God, Goddess, Spirit, Universal Wisdom,  Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel. Another belief is that we all connect to a Universal Subconscious or our Highest Self through our own subconscious, and in doing so, we have access to data about ourselves that defines our life experiences.
Intuition is always a great culprit, but this intuition can spring from your subconscious or a guide, as well. After working with Tarot, I continue to be amazed at how it works and how it defies statistics (why do the right cards always present themselves as they should?). I have experienced enough unquestionably convincing situations to accept that it does work. I think you'll feel the same way once you experience a reading. Tarot teases information out of its hiding places.

Is the future written in stone?
No. I have learned that the future is based on the decisions we make every day out of Free Will.  You can change your future in a microsecond. We can change our lives and our future with the decisions we make (for good or for ill), and Tarot brings to the forefront what is working and what is not. By clarifying what you can do to improve your future, Tarot becomes a powerful and wise tool of guidance for understanding and for life improvement. This is where tarot beams, as creating your best future. It makes you aware of your choices and clarifies your situation.
Timing questions are very difficult to answer because of the nature of Free Will. At any moment, you have the power to make adjustments or detours in your life and change outcomes of the timing. This applies to other people around you as well. The best questions are those that empower yourself to make the timing work to your advantage.

Will frightening outcomes be predicted?
As part of my code of ethics, I do not provide readings related to health, including any sort of diagnosis, and I never predict death. If you have health concerns, please see a doctor. If you have legal questions, please consult an attorney. If you need financial advice, please contact a professional financial advisor.
Tarot brings forth information that is for the Highest Good. And it is honest. If you don't want to know an answer that might not be what you seek, it would be best not to ask.  Tarot does not lie.  If you do wish to improve your outcome, though, Tarot is at your side to get you there. See what you can do to improve your final outcome by asking a question that will reveal what you need to know to achieve your goal.

Are the cards Satanic or evil in any way?
On the contrary. The Rider-Waite deck and its clones have many images connected to Angels and Biblically inspired stories. If you study the Qabalah/Kabbalah/Cabalah in connection with Tarot, you will find the cards represent a pathway back to the Godhead in addition to the path of energy from a spiritual creator to our material world.  It is connected to Divine Wisdom. Never have I seen it lead someone in a bad, evil, unkind or vengeful way. It always works toward harmony, love, abundance, and our Highest Good.
The belief that Tarot is the tool of the Devil is a commonly held belief due to fictional horror movies and suspense thrillers, which have used the cards improperly in order to achieve dramatic effect (that's Hollywood!). Often I will share some of the beautiful images from the deck, especially those images inspired by formal religion, as a way of dispelling fears and prejudice.
Only good counsel is received, and there is nothing evil about the cards. They are only pieces of cardboard, but they serve as a bridge to connect us to the Creator, Universal Consciousness, Spirit, the Divine ... so that we can gain more knowledge about ourselves and better serve our life path.  I diligently cleanse myself psychically before and after every reading, and only allow the purest of energy to enter.
I am also deeply respectful of all faiths and belief systems, and I will never pass judgment on anyone for whom I read. I promise to read within the boundaries of your own faith, whatever it may be.

  • First, avoid the natural tendency to ask yes/no questions. Experience has taught me that most outcomes are not purely "yes" or "no," but may be shades of each. Also, the choices you make may shift outcomes, and tarot has the wisdom to guide you in the right direction toward the goal you seek. Instead of asking a question like, "will I find my true love," ask "what can I do to manifest my true love in  my life?". A question like "will I get together again with my old boyfriend" is very limiting because all you get is a yes/no answer. Better asked is the question, "tell me about the relationship with  my boyfriend," or "what was the issue of my relationship," or "what would be the best way to reconnect with my old boyfriend?" These formats give you better direction on changing an outcome that is not      necessarily fixed but is changeable based on your actions.
  • Vague questions result in vague answers. Be very clear about what you want to know and ask it very clearly. Tarot will clearly show the energy in your situation, but in order for me to describe it to you so you can understand it as it pertains to you, I need to connect the dots to know what tarot is talking about. Then I can use the right words and situations to give you the clearest answers and outcomes. Vague questions will compromise how much information I can give you.
  • Questions about specific time lines are discouraged because this can change in a flash if you decide to alter the way you approach the situation. How long will it take for you to do the dishes? That depends on when you plan on getting up out of your seat and what you do before you get to the dishes. And if I tell you you will get there, will you just passively wait for the dishes to come to you? My readings are more proactive, giving you strategies on how to get there. So if you ask a time line question, tarot will help you arrive there faster or with better results.
  • Stating specifics in your question is critical. If you ask "will I get the job," you are best advised to be specific about which job and during what time frame. Otherwise the reading may respond to you getting a job that my be 15 years down the road. Specifics in a question are key to your getting a clear answer.
  • Avoid questions about medical diagnoses or outcomes, legal advice, or financial advice are  best left to those professionals: doctors, attorneys, and financial advisors. These are against code of ethics and are best discussed with the properly licensed professionals.
  • Avoid questions like "will I..." when it comes to a decision you will make for yourself. Because YOU can change that decision at any given moment! However, if it is something like "what is the likelihood that I will be accepted for the job" is legitimate, because this is impacted by the outcome of another person's decision, not yours.
  • Questions about the near future are more accurate than those about the distant future. Things happening in your life 5 years from now will likely be very different than your wants and needs of today, and because so many decisions will be made by you between now and then, the long-term results can change considerably. Remember, you always have the power of Free Will and Tarot won't change that power.

  • What do I need to know or do in order to _________ ? state your desired outcome
  • What does Spirit want me to know about ___________? state your subject matter
  • What does Spirit/my Angels want me to know?
  • What is most likely to happen between now and (specific amount of time) regarding ________? (state your subject matter)
  • Tell me about ________
  • What can I do to better the outcome of ____________
  • How can I improve _____________
  • What is the best strategy to help me through this situation?
  • What are the challenges I need to overcome with __________?
  • I am applying to two colleges. What will be the direction of each if I am accepted for both and need to choose? _________________________
  • What is the best strategy I should use for my upcoming job interview?
  • There are two jobs I'm applying for now. What will be the direction or outcome of each if I were hired, so that I know which job will best suit my interests?
  • And be careful... if you ask if you will find a new love, that will discount the old love you may come across later and wish to reconnect with.

Things you can do to improve your reading:
  • Get clear on what you want to know.
  • Ask a clear question with the specifics you need addressed.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Focus your thoughts.
  • Seek information that will empower you to achieve a goal.

I am committed to maintaining personal excellence for the benefit of my clients' readings.
My Code of Ethics are as follows:

  • I will be clear about what tarot can and cannot do for you.
  • I will respond to all questions to the best of my ability with as much detail and honest information as I can responsibly provide.
  • There will be no hidden charges attached to my readings. All clients will  have information about the cost and length of a reading prior to beginning.
  • I will not answer questions that I do not believe I am capable of answering.  
  • I will not divulge a reading to another without express permission from the client. All readings will be held in the strictest confidence unless there is a threat of danger where the client may harm his/herself or as required by a court of law.
  • It is with great honor and respect that I welcome people from all spiritual paths, ethnic heritages and cultures, regardless of sexual preference or personal background. I come from a place of non-judgment, compassion, and sensitivity during every reading.
  • I will serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional activities without causing harm or intending to cause harm.
  • I will never place upon my clients my religious views nor push upon you any religious belief system. Your religious perspective will be held in the utmost respect, and any readings will reflect my clients' personal  religious preference if requested.
  • I respect my clients' right to refuse or terminate a reading at any time, regardless of prior consent.
  • I always give my full attention to my clients in order that I can fully understand and appreciate your questions.
  • I will work with you to formulate a question that does not give your power away, and I will strive to help my clients leave a reading feeling empowered to make practical, life-affirming decisions.  While the cards may encourage a client to explore difficult issues, I believe a reading should never leave a client feeling scared or powerless. My goal is for you to leave feeling enlightened and enabled.
  • My focus is to empower the client with guidance and to determine potential actions which will serve as transformational, positive solutions.
  • I believe that tarot allows us to recognise and change unseen patterns in our lives in order to achieve better outcomes. I believe Free Will overrides fate in most situations, and that we are in control of our future with the daily decisions we make. I recommend every person act according to his/her own conscience for the greater good of all concerned. You alone are responsible for your own behavior. Any decisions you make, or actions you take as a result of your readings are entirely your own responsibility.
  • I am not a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or mental health provider. I will not give any professional advice related to these fields or any other field in which I am not qualified, and I will make referrals to such professionals should this become necessary during a reading.
  • Readings cannot be provided for those under the age of 18 unless accompanied by or requested by a parent.
  • I will not attempt to predict winning lottery numbers or interpret any reading to represent death or illness.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any reading not adhering to my code of ethics.
Ellen's Tarot Readings
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