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I was fortunate enough by chance just to come across a woman in Sanur who had seen Ellen a few weeks before and she said I should contact her, so I did as my life was needing some clarification. I am not a big fan of clairevoyants but Ellen immediately stated she was not a clairevoyant, but an intuitive and that when I shuffle etc, I choose the cards that will reflect what I NEED to know. My goodness, was she right, every card absolutely revealed my situation and Ellen gave me tools to overcome the challenges. I am forever grateful Ellen and will recommend you to anyone seeking an ethical, kind and intuitive person, I shall return, you have renewed my faith.
Carine H (Colorado, USA visitor)

What a lovely Tarot Reading. It feels like a warm welcome to Ubud especially as I expect to be living in Bali later this year. Ellen's reading was perfect for me at this time in my life.
Peter (Fremantle WA, Australian visitor)

I was pleasantly surprised when she went straight to the heart of the matter and literally went for the jugular in a good way. Ellen, you revealed things about myself and what I have been doing was not serving me or my family, let alone my work. I now have embraced your advice and can see my world changing daily. My wife thinks you have hexed me as I no longer sweat the small stuff haha. I have turned over a new leaf and following your steps but that is our little secret. Thank you Ellen, see you again and next time I will bring the wife.
James R (London, UK visitor)

Thankyou so very much for your insightful reading and for giving me the tools to move forward. Not only was it a great reading but Ellen, you gave me great ideas and knowledge that I would not have thought of to look at things a different way and to step out of the box. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, words are just not enough.
Karen T (Australian visitor)

Wow, had a huge session with Ellen back in October last year and still reeling from the experience. Ellen hit the nail on the head and I cried like a baby. I have been floundering for a while in my relationship and career, I felt totally lost. Ellen you offered me amazing advice and steps to achieve my visions and dreams. By the way, the relationship has become stronger and my boss is taking more notice of me, I feel a promotion is coming soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, cannot believe it.
Madison C (Calgary, Canadian visitor)

Ellen words cannot express how you have changed my life with just one simple reading. It's been a few months since I saw you and boy are things changing. You have given me such clarity and confirmation that I was indeed on the right path and I am now pushing forward. Doors are opening at such a speed and I remembered what you said about the thinking process, "you create your own reality, as you think, then so it becomes". I am following your steps and each day dawns a new experience. My husband and children are looking at me with new eyes and I finally feel whole again, you have given me back to me. Thank you for everything and I will come and see you again the next time I am in Ubud.
Helen L (Newcastle, Australian visitor)

I have a whole new direction now. Good reading thanks, Ellen.
Shelley (Sydney, Australian visitor)

Beautiful Spiritual insights came from my Tarot Reading.  I want to thank you.
Ann (Holland, visitor)

Good reading many things you know thank you Ellen
Laura (Singapore visitor)

It was such a pleasure to meet Ellen yesterday.  Her reading was not only accurate - it was very helpful where I was concerned. It was like lifting a veil for me....I feel like I can see more clearly my direction in life now.
Demetria (Holland visitor)

I went for a Tarot reading with nothing in particular to ask about.  I just like having my Tarot read.  'The Empress' gave me one of the best readings I have ever had. She was spot on with so many aspects of my life and she uncovered issues that had actually been troubling me - she gave me some Spiritual Guidance that I value deeply.
Christina (Brisbane, Australian vistor)

A very merry Christmas to you and your family. We are all safe and sound back in Hong Kong. Ellen, thank you so much, our lives are turning around and decisions are being made with clarity. You broke down our issues in small chunks and offered solutions to each challenge. It's hard when you have to take on other's opinions, to have their lives in your hands and try to appease all. We sat down for a family conference and I used your tactics and advice. We all came to a amiable solution and now have decided to return to our home country with happiness and joy in our hearts. Many thanks Ellen, we could not have done it without you.
Tony B and family (Hong Kong - Dublin, Ireland visitor)

Ellen, thanks so much for putting to bed the issues that have been hanging over me for so long. I came to you a broken woman and only after one hour saw how it was ME doing this to myself. Now I am glowing with such inner power, I am erasing the demons once and for all. My friends and family think I am a different person and Bali healed me. In fact...YOU did with your sound advice and intutive nature. Thank you so much.
Madison P (NY, USA visitor)

Well, if you want a no nonsense reading, then I recommend Ellen to do the job. My wife had already seen Ellen and told me, well, actually demanded that I have a reading. I don't believe is this BS but to appease my wife, I decided to sit, grit my teeth and get through it the best way I could. Ellen I could see as soon as I sat down was not to be trifled with, she is not one of those flowery, airy fairy, hocus pocus idiots I have heard about.
Thank you Ellen, what a fantastic time I had in your beautiful home and meditation room. The reading was spot on and I nearly fell off my chair, truly unexplainable. You have made such an impact on my life and decisions, I am finding new ways to deal with things that once upon a time would bog me down. Now I sail through these challenges and use the affirmations you gave me to chase away the blues. Thankyou again and hope to see you another time.
Barbara S (Perth, Australian visitor)

Thankyou Ellen for giving me fabulous advice and even though you read the cards, your inate wisdom and knowledge shone through and resonated with me. You have given me food for thought and brought some clarity to my world, many thanks.
Carol B (Melbourne, Australian visitor)

Wow, what an experience and total shock. I saw Ellen's sign and thought, what the heck, why not? Ellen is such a wonderful person who immediately puts you at ease and is also very down to earth. Ellen straight away started telling me about my past, what is now in my present and it shocked me that she could be so accurate. I have now come away with an entirely different focus and attitude to my situation and life and I owe it all to Ellen...a huge thankyou.
Maggie N (London, UK, visitor)

Ellen, thankyou so much for giving me direction. I was a skeptic but Ellen opened me up to a whole new world. She gave me answers I could not get in the mundane arena in life and now I feel like I can once again take on the world.
Ken S (Aukland, NZ visitor)

A friend told us about Ellen, the Empress so we ventured up from Seminyak and to see what the commotion was all about. Ellen made us totally feel at home and she is a very upfront and honest lady. The reading was totally mindblowing and hit on things that not only were spot on but gave options on how to deal with it. Of course we were both in tears as when you are in a particular situation and see no way ahead, you flounder with confusion. We had no idea of how Tarot could unravel our lives and set us on a new exciting path but are etermally grateful. Thank you again Ellen, we will see you when we return.
Christine and Anna B (Brisbane, Australians visitors)

A jazzy sign along the main street of Penestanan (next to Cafe Mendez) caught my eye and I decided to investigate this thing called Tarot. I have always been a skeptic but as I was on holiday I felt a little more reckless. Well, I walked into a little paradise where Ellen lives and felt instantly at ease. Ellen sat me down and explained a little about herself and what she does and what to expect. I thought to my self, what the heck and what happened next rocked my world.
Ellen did a 3 card spread and in these three cards was information so undoubtedly correct about my situation I sat there thinking she must have had someone spy on me and my life lol. Of course when she explained about the cards and also read from a book to confirm her intuition, I almost cried. Ellen, thank you very much, you have opened me to another world and I am endebted to you. I will now return home and investigate more about the esoteric and also follow your very sound reasoning. Yes I know, I chose the cards lol.
Suzanne H (Arizona, USA visitor)

I will stay in touch with you and tell you if it happens as you said it would 🙏
Tony (Coorparoo, Australia)

Thanks Ellen.
Marian (Buderim, Australia)

Recommend this lady...she is good.
Shirl (Kawana, Australia)

We went over time ....loved every second....got a few new approaches to things now too.
Jose (Buderim Australia)

Recommended 👍👍👍👍
Robert (Buderim, Australia)

Loved my Reading.....thank you Ellen.
Gail (Southport, Australia)

Highly recommend the Empress.
John (Minyama, Australia)

Good reading, Ellen....see you in July.
Allan (Brisbane, Australia)
Ellen's Tarot Readings
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