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About Ellen
Ellen began talking to people about their hopes and dreams, in a professional capacity, more than 28 years ago.  When she retired in 2011 she decided to divide her retirement between her home in Buderim, Australia and her villa in picturesque Ubud, Bali.

These days when she is not writing or painting she is indulging in her favorite past time of reading the Tarot.  She believes she is still in the business of helping people realise their hopes and dreams and her passion is to assist others on the journey that is life.

A Word From Ellen
  • “Tarot cards are not designed to tell your fortune.  The most powerful source of information comes from within you.
  • But is it possible that something as simple as a deck of cards could tell you ‘anything’ about yourself?
  • I believe the Tarot can give an intuitive reader an indication of what might lay ahead for a recipient if they remain on their current path.
Below are a number of inspirational quotes that you may enjoy:
Ellen's Tarot Readings
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